Adobe Spark Post: Social Media for Creatives and Small Business

If you are a creative or small business owner wanting to learn how to create engaging and creative social media posts, then this is the class for you!

In this class you will learn how to maximize the use of the Adobe Spark App. A free app available on smart phones and tablets that allows you to create dynamic social media posts and templates in minutes. ( See examples on the left)

I am a surface pattern designer and illustrator and I use Adobe spark post daily on Instagram and Facebook to create social media posts to display my textiles, artwork, photos and work in progress shots.

This class is very beginner friendly. By the end of the class the aim will be to create a professional looking social media post to promote your business or style using a mix of your images and free images with a cohesive colour palette.

If this sounds like an area you would like to improve in and you have a free half an hour to invest in your creative business, please join me in this class. 

If you are new to Skillshare you can use the following  link to get 1 month of premium access to the platform and my class for FREE.

Linocut Print Design in Procreate for Illustration and Surface Pattern Design.

Skillshare is an awesome teaching platform for creatives of all persuasions and I am excited to have created my first class in digital illustration. This class is beginner friendly and gives an overview of the Procreate app for the iPad. It walks you through how to  create a simple digital linocut print, that can be used as a stand alone illustration or as a motif for surface pattern design. The class moves step by step from the creation of the linocut, through to uploading it to accessories on the print on demand website Redbubble. In addition, there is a free Procreate brush sent included to assist those beginning on their creative journey that can be accessed below. The password is in the resources video in the class. If you are new to skillshare you can use the following  link to get a months worth of premium access to the platform and my class for FREE.


Linocut Procreate Brushset



Linocut miniprint2