Welcome to Cardwell &Ink, a family-run design studio based in Australia. We are a husband and wife team whose passion is to use our combined skills to simplify digital design and inspire creativity. Our journey into the world of digital art began with a deep-rooted love for traditional art forms, which eventually led us to explore the endless possibilities of digital design.

We believe in the power of creativity and education, which is why we focus on creating beginner-friendly digital resources and courses to educate the creative community. Our mission is to empower creatives to harness their potential and communicate their craft with passion and impact.



Priscilla Adei-Cardwell

With expertise in Illustration, Surface Pattern Design, and Teaching, Priscilla brings a wealth of knowledge and creativity to our studio. She is a Top Teacher on Skillshare, where she shares her passion for digital design with thousands of students worldwide. Priscilla holds a Masters of Teaching and a Bachelor of Arts and Science, providing a solid educational foundation to her teaching methods.

graphic design, photography david cardwell.

David Cardwell

David’s skills lie in Graphic Design, Video Production, and Photography. His technical expertise and creative vision help bring our projects to life, ensuring high-quality and visually engaging content.

Our combined skills and experience allow us to create comprehensive and impactful educational content. As a Top Teacher on Skillshare, Priscilla has had the privilege of sharing her expertise with a global audience, helping them unlock their creative potential and achieve their artistic goals. David’s expertise in graphic design and video production ensures that our content is not only informative but also visually appealing and professionally produced.

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